Lantern Procession through the town

This in an opportunity for individuals and groups to become part of the Parade of Lanterns at this year’s Bradford on Avon Arts Festival.  The parade will be on the evening of Saturday 13th September. The lanterns will be in the form of a fish (or other river or sea creatures). From shoals of small fish to giant eels the possibilities are limitless.

We will be offering workshops to enable individuals or groups to make lanterns from willow and paper. The light will be from LED’s and tiny battery – no fire risk involved. The workshops will be supported by YouTube videos to both instruct and inspire. Also we can supply the basic materials. Lantern making is a craft that is suitable for everyone, primary school children, families, businesses and community groups.

The Sculpture Garden at Lynchetts

The Sculpture GardenThe Sculpture Garden is becoming something of an institution in Bradford on Avon. Hosted for several years in the gardens of Alison and John Potter, it moved last year to its new home at Lynchetts on the junction of Silver Street and Woolley Street. And what a beautiful location! The gardens at Lynchetts are terraced and divided into a series of different spaces, each with its own special features. Some areas are hilly and some are level; some are open and others wooded.  There are beds of vegetables, herbs, shrubs and flowers. There is wildness and formality. It’s a perfect garden for showing sculptures, which perch on top of stone walls beside the walkways, peer out of the undergrowth, or sit around the pond or inside the summerhouse.

Twenty sculptors exhibited around eighty pieces last year, and we expect a similar number this year. The quality is high and many of the sculptors on show exhibit all over the country.

The Sculpture Garden will be held this year from 13th-20th July. Opening hours are 11am- 6.30pm. Open every day except Monday. Entry £3.

But try not to miss the Opening Party, complete with entertainment and a free glass of wine on Saturday July 12th from 6pm – 10pm. Entry £5.

2014 Arts Festival plans to illuminate the town!

2014 Arts FestivalFrom 1st - 20th September the Bradford on Avon Arts Festival will play host to a variety of events  including: ‘Secret Corners of BoA‘ (a competition to identify  photos of hidden, and not so hidden, corners  of the town), ‘Paint like Turner‘ (local artist Melissa Wishart offers a  painting course), an I Pad workshop, a magic lantern show by the Arts Association, ‘Poet-trees‘ (aspects of light examined in poetry found on trees around the town) and audio-visual installations throughout the town including ‘The Quantum Theory of Light‘ by William Reardon.

The culmination of the Festival will be the end of summer celebration on Saturday 13th September when the Festival will be shining  lights, coloured, spot and flood, onto some of the town’s iconic buildings including Westbury Gardens, Town Bridge,  McKeever Bridge and Saxon church. A lantern procession, fire eaters, food offerings and a bar, for one night only will make it a celebration to remember!